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Dr Karin delivers key note addresses, break-out seminars, and interactive sessions.

As a developmental psychologist and former therapist, Dr. Karin’s expertise spans a wide array of compelling, informative topics. Her areas of academic research include individuation from family of origin, identity development, and family dynamics. Through her talks, Anderson distills complex psychological constructs into easily relatable ideas. Audiences of all ages find significant “take-away” messages from her engaging, enlightening speeches.

Sample Topics & Speeches
Relationship Wellness

Take a Look at Your Selfie:  Improving Your Relationships One Pic at a Time


Surviving and Thriving in the Dating Jungle!

Identity Cultivation and Authenticity

You Do You:  Why Finding Yourself is the Least Selfish Pursuit of Your Life

Adult Family Dynamics

Family Matters:  How to Have Healthy Family Relationships in Adulthood - Even if your Mother-in-Law Drives You Nuts!

Emotional Wellness

#GetHappy:  Strategies from Positive Psychology for Finding Sustainable Joy


"I cannot recommend Dr. Karin Anderson Abrell enough as a speaker at your event. As my keynote speaker for my Music-Preneur Mindset Summit, she completely set a tone of compassion, self-love, and authenticity that bled into everything we did for the rest of the event. She was incredibly prepared and present and went above and beyond when it came to sharing the event with her audience. Her knowledge, magnetic energy and expertise while on stage is one thing—it will be everything you'd hope for and more for your audience—but her giving spirit and willingness to do more than simply "show up" when it's time to go on, is icing on the cake.  She walks her talk and by the end of working with her I was wishing she lived down the block from me for weekly meet-ups!"

Suzanne, founder of The Rock/Star Advocate 

"Dr. Karin Anderson Abrell brings an energy of positivity, enthusiasm, and motivation to the stage. She not only captivates the audience with her presence but her educational and professional background carry with it an incredible amount of knowledge and expertise that is used to support her stories and valuable takeaways. She was an incredible addition to our event and part of the reason why it was such a success. Highly recommended and we will for sure be reaching out to her in the future again."

Benjamin Ritter, EdD, MBA, MPH, Internal Leadership Coach, Live for Yourself Consulting

"Dr. Karin's message of self acceptance and authenticity within relationships is one that is well received and can be applied to all demographics. If you are 28 or 88, Dr. Karin's thought provoking and often funny reflections will add value to your life experience and outlook."

Nora Ten Broeck, Past National President, Alpha Sigma Alpha Sorority

"Dr. Karin is truly inspiring and her speeches help women self reflect and evaluate their own happiness, whether they're single or in a committed relationship. Her authenticity and sincerity make it easy to relate to her and you will undoubtedly want to keep engaging with her and continue listening to her wisdom."

Irma Amparo Ortiz, National President, Gamma Phi Omega

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