Single is the New Black
Don't wear white 'till it's right
Single is the New Black - by Dr. Karin Anderson Abrell
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Love & Relationship Expert

You're still single and you've heard it all:


"You're too picky!"
"Just go online!"
"You're not trying hard enough!"

And frankly, you're tired of it. We all are.

Single is the New Black is celebrated in the UK!

In a convincing and spirited manner, Dr. Karin encourages and inspires readers to:


  • Be happy, hopeful, and positive because the happier you are when single, the happier you'll be when married!

  • Stay strong amidst prevailing "single shaming" messages.

  • Resist the "you need to change to snag a man" protocol of typical self-help fare.

  • Remain true to yourself and never settle for anything less than an extraordinary relationship!


Dr. Karin shares lessons learned from her 27 years on the dating scene—including calling off an engagement to Mr. Wrong before finally marrying Mr. Right at 42!

Dr. Karin
Dr. Karin

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Praise for Single is the New Black...

"Dr. Karin emphatically contends that nothing is wrong with you if you’re still single. You just haven’t yet met “The One,” and that’s OK. Being single is not a curse or a crime or something that needs to be fixed or ashamed of. It’s just where you are in life, and the sooner you stop defining yourself by it, or beating yourself over it, the better." Read the rest of the review here.


Treva Brandon Scharf, "The Late Blooming Bride"

"If you’re single and not reading Single is the New Black then you, my dear friend, are missing out. This book gives voice to myriad of challenges we as single women face in a world that’s seemingly built for two. Or rather, that’s the narrative we’re sold, right?  Read the rest of the review here.


DamiaJ, Digital Media Consultant for Single Girls Rock

"When I was single I struggled sometimes with just being myself. I’m a very loud and opinionated chick. Sometimes I wondered if that was keeping me single. And I may have been told that a few times by people I know. I hated that most dating books backed up that idea.  I told myself a lot of things and had a lot of things said to me as I was trying to dissect my dating life.  But the honest truth was that it just hadn’t happened for me. I felt that way; I just didn’t know if it was true or why anyone else couldn’t see that.Well this book does. That’s the exact message. And I couldn’t have said any of it better myself.The book is a really easy and fun read. It’s not preachy or some tell all tale about how the author did everything right and figured it all out and landed a man (I hate those types of things).  So if you’re feeling a little stuck in the dating world (or you know someone is or you just want a really great read), you should definitely check this book out." 


Jess Downey,

"Ditch the rules!  Seriously.  Enough of books trying to convince you that if you do this, say that, or act a certain way you’ll hook the guy.  How about just being yourself?  Being single is not a curse or a crime or something that needs to be ‘fixed’, and Single is the New Black does a great job of reminding women that they are worthy of true love... whether solo or coupled.”


Kimberly Dawn Neumann, author of The Real Reasons Men Commit: Why He Will – Or Won’t – Love, Honor and Marry You

". . . if I had read Single is the New Black in my insecure twenties, I would not have made some reckless decisions and bad choices. I’m really glad I was still on the shelf at 28 – and only married at 30 – when I found my perfect man. If I’d married any of my twenty-something “mistakes”, I’d be miserable and full of regret now…"


Sasha Wyatt-Minter, Editor of

What readers are saying about Single is the New Black...

"I just got your book and read it cover to cover and loved it!  Your book addressed a lot of my concerns and put me at ease."

Rebecca, New York

"I love your book.  I am a high school teacher and I just turned 35. I am still single, and very proud and happy with my life the way it is.  I really like the male perspective Guy provides.  It's nice to know that men have a tough time meeting girls, too. Although we are out here!!Thanks for an awesome and helpful book!"

Jessica, Texas

"I read your book and loved it!  I've been single for a while now and have worked long and hard at my own sense of self and creating an independent life of my own.  I had a history of abusive controlling relationships, so, for me, that meant taking some time on my own to get to know who I am."

Paula, Pennsylvania

"Single is the New Black is awesome.  It's an incredibly refreshing read, especially for someone who has read and talked about the topic in both academic and nonacademic arenas."

Debbie, Vancouver

"The book really resonated with me and provided a different perspective for why I am having certain feelings and pressures as a young professional, entering an age where my friends are all getting married or in serious relationships."

Danielle, Vancouver

"Thank you for writing such a fantastic and insightful book! I loved it! Every page made me feel better and better. For years I've bristled with resentment when my mother or some other well-meaning person tsk-tsks over me not being married with a kid. I hate it! Men are not usually pressured to be married, but people think we women are just big fat losers without a man. Your book gave me the necessary weapons and armor I needed to defend myself against such tsk-tsks."

Haley, Washington

"Thank you for making me laugh and cheering me up. I am passing your book on to all my single girlfriends AND their mothers."

Heather, California

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