Why Tough Love is Really Just Love

We call it #toughlove, but it’s really just love.

All the tough parts of parenting—though no fun for the kid (or parent!) at the time—are still just gestures of love.

When we provide structure—it’s love.

When we maintain high expectations—it’s love.

When we deliver consequences—it’s love.

In fact, when we neglect these aspects of parenting, we’re not only irresponsible, we’re unloving.

Because in doing so, we deny our children the opportunity to develop self-control and discipline.

And self-control and discipline are imperative for #happiness and success in childhood and beyond!

Dr. Leonard Sax elaborates on this and more on this episode of Love & Life, I Just Want My Kids to Be Happy:  and other flawed parenting ideals.”


Photo credit: Vasile Tiplea via Unsplash

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