The Power of BFF’s

TBT to my single days ~ a pic from a fab girls' trip to Hawaii with this little ginger princess!

In the picture, I'm smiling but I was still wrecked from a breakup that had happened TWO years before.

Yeah, I was that girl.

I didn't fall easily, but once I did, it was super hard for me to bounce back.

I stayed in love WAY past a relationship's expiration date ~ especially with Dylan.

But here's the thing ~ if you've got a solid posse of BFFs, you NEVER endure a breakup alone.

So I never did.

To celebrate National Unmarried & Single Americans Week, let's give a shout out to the besties who got us through our single days ~ or are currently getting us through them!

Our BFFs hold our hands when we're scared, hold our hair when we're sick, and hold out hope for us, when we've given up.

Tag someone who's done that for you.

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