Shhhhhhh! Sometimes I have to tell myself to shut up.

A negative thought creeps in, then another, and another. In the past, they'd sometimes win. They'd take over and take me down emotionally. They could ruin an entire day (or week or month!)

I don't let them do that anymore.

Now, when a pejorative thought shows up, I literally tell myself, "Shhhhhhhh!" or even, "Shut up, Karin! Enough of that nonsense!" 

If I need to, I follow up with, "Don't talk like that to yourself! It’s all going to be okay.” It reminds me of how my parents would comfort me when I was little. Now, I comfort myself.

The thing is, it works.

The relationship between thoughts and feelings is clear. Taking charge of my thoughts, by telling them to “knock it off” when needed, allows me to take charge of my feelings—and my life!

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