Just Because He’s a Great Guy . . .

Updated: Jun 27, 2018

I get this question a lot ~ "Karin, why can't I just break up with him and move on?"

If only it were that easy. But it rarely is.

Been there. Felt that.

It's hard to give up the good stuff in a relationship. Even when we know there's a lot that's not working and deep down we believe we're not the best fit for each other, we hang on. We try to convince ourselves, "Maybe 'good enough' is enough..."

And the part of you that is soooooo tired of the dating scene and soooooo ready to be in a committed relationship ~ that part of you is fine with settling for "good enough." So you get back together and give it another go.

But then you're STILL not happy because there's another part of you that is absolutely NOT okay with "good enough." That other part of you wants an extraordinary love.

Breakups are always difficult. But they're hardest when the two of you almost got it right.

But remember, just because he's a great guy, doesn't mean he's a great guy for you.

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Photo credit: Josh Felise

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