In A New Relationship?

You meet someone new.

You’ve got chemistry!

It’s so exciting!

And that’s all great.

Until we start getting ahead of ourselves.

We don’t mean to, but we often end up jumping to conclusions about this fantastic, amazing person.

We fill in the gaps—anything we don’t know about them, we assume the best.

Which isn’t a bad thing in and of itself. It’s great to believe the best in people.

The problem comes when we project our desires for love and the perfect relationship onto someone we just met.

We see them as we HOPE they will be.

And dismiss who they SHOW themselves to be.

And then, they often let us down.

But did they really let us down or did we believe them to be someone they never claimed to be the first place?

Sit back. Observe. Listen.

Watch the movie that is your new relationship.

But don’t feed your costar any lines.

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