Are You in the Right Relationship for the Right Reasons?

Updated: Aug 14, 2018

I need to finish my next book stat!

Recently I’ve had several people reach out to me asking for advice about whether or not they should be in their relationship—and even, whether or not they should be engaged!

They tell me there’s good stuff—lots of good stuff—but something’s missing.

And that’s the toughest to sort out, of course—a relationship with lots of good stuff makes you wonder why it doesn’t feel 100% right.

Because you really can’t pinpoint what’s amiss.

Except something is.

But we doubt ourselves. We think, “What am I expecting anyway? Life isn’t a Hollywood rom com or a Disney princess movie! I’m not going to feel madly in love every minute of the day!”

Still, our gut keeps nagging at us.

And we keep ignoring it.

Which is how I almost married the wrong guy.

There was good stuff there, too—lots of it.

And I was confused for all the reasons I mentioned above.

It took me until two months before the wedding to call off our engagement.

So when people learn about my story, they reach out to me.

And I want to help them, which is why my next book is all about my experience as a runaway bride. But it’s not quite finished!

So I gotta get on it.

If my story can help someone else figure out if they’re in the right relationship for the right reasons, or help another bride determine if she should runaway, then it’ll be so worth it.

I’m writing the book I needed to read when I was engaged to the wrong man.

Okay, I gotta run—cuz you know I’m good at that!

Off to finish my next book!

P.S. if you know anyone who needs clarity regarding this topic, I’ve shared my runaway bride story in depth with @anedatingcoach on her podcast, Ready for Love in the episode titled, “Never Settle in Love.”

I also discuss it on my podcast in episode 4, “NO Fear! How to Make Decisions from a Smart (not scared!) Mindset.”

Photo credit:  Saskia Nelson, Hey Saturday

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