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Revive & Thrive Equine Assisted Therapy Retreat


Feeling anxious, overwhelmed, demoralized? Do you find yourself ruminating on painful memories, plagued by racing thoughts, or obsessing about the future?
You’re not alone and there IS relief!
We’re here to help! 
At Revive & Thrive Equine Assisted Therapy Retreat you’ll “press pause,” creating space to check in with your authentic self, core values, and deepest desires. Nurture your soul and psyche through experiential therapy with horses and engage in intra-personal reflection and group work to help you examine the past, clarify your present, and reach future goals!

•  Learn proven techniques and tools (grounded in Acceptance Commitment Therapy) to help you move through uncomfortable emotions keeping you stuck and paralyzed.

•  Interact with horses via equine therapy - their gentle souls hold up a mirror, clarifying how you “do life” and illuminating what’s working and what isn’t.

•  Participate in group therapy - be heard, validated, and encouraged.

•  Develop a plan to integrate healing and growth strategies into your “real life” as you leave the ranch.

•  Enjoy a complimentary post-retreat consultation with Kate Lambie, M.A. LCPC 

Only when we see ourselves clearly can we make sustainable change.

Join us to revive and thrive in all realms of love and life! 


June 7 - 9, 2019 


Legacy Ranch
2705 S Farrell Rd., Lockport, Illinois



Space is limited!

* EAGALA equine assisted therapy does NOT entail riding horses.  No prior horse experience is necessary.

Retreat Speakers

Dr. Karin Anderson Abrell

Psychologist, Author, & Speaker

Janada Halbisen-Gibbs

Equine Specialist, Facilitator & Coordinator

The Legacy Ranch Herd

Dr. Karin Anderson Abrell

Dr. Karin Anderson Abrell is a psychologist, author, international speaker, musician, and host of the podcast, Love & Life.  In her writing, podcasting, speaking, and Instagramming, Dr. Anderson Abrell explores research-based methods for happy, hopeful, positive living! She delves into all the good stuff- how to have true intimacy in romantic relationships, more meaningful friendships, healthier family connections, and more fulfilling careers. A former psychotherapist and professor, Dr. Anderson Abrell’s platform integrates clinical expertise (with an emphasis on Cognitive Behavioral Therapy) and data gleaned from psych research. Her book, Single is the New Black: Don't Wear White 'til it's Right is a word of empowerment to singles - encouraging them to stay strong amidst “single shaming,” live life on their own terms, and never ever settle for anything less than an extraordinary relationship. Her second book, I Don’t: A Guide for the Runaway Bride, will be published in the fall of 2019. Connect with Karin on her website,, or on Instagram @dr.karin.


Kate Lambie

Kate has been a practicing psychotherapist for 8 years.  She is a compassionate, non-judgemental therapist who brings a strong clinical background to her work with adults, teens, pre-teens, and families.  Using a warm, client-centered approach, Kate helps clients address issues such as Depression, Anxiety, Adjustment Disorders, Gender Issues, LGBTQ issues, and Trauma.   

Kate’s therapeutic approach is tailored to each client’s needs, but she often employs Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Acceptance Commitment Therapy, and Mindfulness techniques within sessions.  She is a certified EAGALA equine therapist, and as such, can facilitate this unique therapy that incorporates the intuitive power of horses to address mental health and personal development needs.


Janada Halbisen-Gibbs

Janada Halbisen-Gibbs is an EAGALA Certified Equine Specialist and Co-founder of Triple T Haven in Ault, CO. She is committed to holding safe space for trauma survivors to find their own healing with horses. Janada felt a profound connection with horses from early childhood and could always be found in the middle of the herd. She has followed her passion by volunteering at Equine Rescues and Sanctuaries all over the United States. Along the way, Janada explored various modalities to support horses’ physical and emotional health. She has studied with Kathy Malone of Blue Gate Horse in Glacial Horsemanship, Tallgrass Animal Acupressure Institute, The Masterson Method and, of course, the greatest teachers, the horses themselves. It was through this journey that Janada was led to Equine Assisted Therapy and EAGALA. She resonates with the powerful practice of partnering with horses in healing work, holding space and client-led experiential therapy. Janada currently lives in Loveland, CO. She loves spending time with the healing herd at Triple T Haven and exploring nature with her family.



ALoft Hotel
500 N. Janes Avenue
Bolingbrook, IL 60440

We’ve blocked rooms at ALoft Bolingbrook.  Feel free to stay wherever you’d like.  We’ll be hosting a cocktail hour at ALoft on Saturday evening and would love for you to join us!

Get  tickets online:

If you prefer to mail a check, please make payments payable to Love & Life Media, LLC and mail to:

P.O. Box 145, Valparaiso, IN, 46384-0145

Revive & Thrive Equine-Assisted Therapy Retreat 2019
Jun 07, 2019, 4:00 PM – Jun 09, 2019, 11:30 AM
Legacy Ranch,
2705 S Farrell St, Lockport, IL 60608, USA
We look forward to spending an informative healing weekend all together!

Dr. Karin Anderson Abrell

Kate Lambie, LCPC

Janada Halbisen-Gibbs, ES 

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